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Music is a form of art, going in through the ears and straight to the heart

Oíche Events

”Oíche Events showcases the best of Ireland’s new diverse music scene.”
- Stephen McCormack, CEO, IMTV Music Awards

”A great organisation, music needed in Dublin’s local music scene for up and coming artists.”
- Honor Heffernan, Internationally acclaimed Jazz/Blues Musician

”Oíche Events musically coordinates Dublin’s level of cultural diversity.”
- Phil Harrington, CEO, youbloom


Oíche, pronounced 'E-ha' and meaning "night" in Gaelic, are an Irish promoter of Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Funk and World Music.

In recent years, Ireland has become recognised as a land of culture & diversity, with Dublin as the spotlight amongst the flickering high beams. Hiding behind the Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop & Electronic genres that dominate the Irish music scene today, is a world of quality new music that is reflective of the country's diversity. These eclectic styles, and the talent behind them have an emerging presence in Ireland, a platform in Dublin, and a home in Oíche.

At Oíche, we aim to give back to our artists through promotion, recognition and support, what the artists give so generously to us through their music. By creating a space where they can perform & engage with a wider community, we open up a creative setting, and in doing so, unlock a night of musical intrigue for the wide eye and the listening ear.

Oíche curates events that uniquely captivate and move people through musical performance. We introduce our audience to new styles, and aim to evoke the elevated emotional aspect associated with discovering new music.

Ultimately, "Oíche" serves as a magical place where the artist and audience can safely connect as they become inspired by jazzy notes, funky feels, reggae rhythms & soulful sounds. It is about music & people, and how they flow with one another and how, through a unique night of captivating performance, we become forever bound by music.


Alex Smyth - Music Session | OíCHE EVENTS


A series of funk, jazz, reggae and soulful sounds to leave you feeling inspired 

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