5. Methodology


Research Design

A qualitative research approach will be applied to analyse and develop the research questions proposed in the introduction of this paper. Qualitative interviews and a case study will be the primary method of data collection as they will allow me to gain insight and for members of the Irish music industry to participate and engage with the study.


I plan to recruit participants who have first-hand involvement in the marketing and promotion of single, EP (extended player) and album releases. Discussion-based interviews will be conducted with participants, chosen via purposeful sampling for the identification and selection of information-rich cases. In the interview, participants will be presented with AWAL’s Ultimate Release Guide. Based on the interview questions in Appendix A I will gather participants’ experience and expertise in marketing music releases. The research aims to build on the existing information in the company document and the most significant part of the study will be to gather experience and insight from the sample of participants.

Case Study - Album: Wyvern Lingo by Wyvern Lingo.

According to GoldenPlec, Wyvern Lingo’s self-titled album was one of the most anticipated Irish releases of 2018. As an emerging band, they managed to create a significant hype around the debut release which led to a nomination for the RTE Choice Music Prize ‘Song of the Year 2017’. This case study will analyse Wyvern Lingo’s use of social media, marketing tactics, online persona and branding throughout the campaign and the impact the album had on their growth as artists and in the market itself.

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