Chris Kabs

Chris Kabs, Afro Pop/Soul style with contemporary R&B sound, a producer and artist. The twist in his music comes down to him producing natural rhythms and music flow. A new genre and voice that expresses music to move people’s emotions.

Chris trained his vocals from a young age whilst using his faith & instinct to guide him, and finding his interests in music production. This start in life allowed him to express his poetic styles and freely express himself artistically whilst giving him the freedom to produce his own style through what he felt.

As he matured, so did his music, Chris explored music as not just beats and rhyme but as a form of art. Chris is a visionary, ambitious and gifted.

Through his personal life and professional life, music has created him and made him who he is. The dedication and passion for his sound has driven him to create some amazing pieces of work.

Time, creativity and his fearless imagination for individual sound has allowed both his vocal and production style to develop with it to create such unique and beautiful music.