1. Introduction



The last academic year has presented me with a number of challenges, as well as constant hurdles for growth. Coming into the course, I was unaware if I had the ability to juggle college while working freelance and therefore I have been consistently tested by my organisational, time management and critical thinking skills. This e-portfolio aims to highlight my journey throughout the past year, presenting my research, development of skills and working the title that led me to choose the topic: marketing a music release for an emerging artist in the digital age.

Choosing the title for my research project has been a winding road for me. I was aware from the beginning of the course that I wanted to link the chosen title closely with my line of work. But the initial topics I selected seemed to be either too broad to cover and adhere to the course guidelines, or too niche with little literature openly available. 1. “ “ will present my journey in this module from the first phase of setting out to choose a title for my research project and the different topics I considered. During this period I was sure I would research the management of musicians in the Irish music industry. This was due to the fact that it was directly linked with the area of work I was entering at the time and I felt it would benefit my work and CV by setting out to research that field. After completing a class presentation on the topic in November, I soon discovered that the topic was very broad, which is evident in 2. “ “ Fig.

Current topic - 2. “” “” will look at how the literature and research I came across that led me to decide on my current topic and how it steered the path the paper would take going forward.

Critical thinking - methodology, case studies, interviews, number of interviews

Critical thinking - 

Though I find the module challenging due to balancing the number of freelance projects that get thrown my way combined with clashing deadlines, I understand the __ I was in last year and the _ of development this course has brought me through as a researcher…