Ireland is a progressive nation when it comes to music and culture in all its art-forms, always ready and willing to welcome independent and alternative artists. This is evident in the high calibre of acts we see on the scene in recent times, unique and exciting musicians, like Dublin-based trio, Tanjier. It's not the first time this talented group have demanded a place as our Pick of the Week, and with the latest tune that they’ve just dropped, it's undoubtedly not the last.

CRAVE was released on 30th January 2019, and upon listening we are once again floored by the seemingly effortless and beautifully natural display of talent that Tanjier consistently bring to the table. What we witness here is a perfectly executed track as it turns full circle, where we visualise the sunrise during the intro while the song builds and progresses and the sunset in the ending as it trails off into our memory.

In keeping with the festival-feel given off by the group’s last tune 'Lights', 'CRAVE' succeeds in launching us into a musical playground where we experience highs and lows, energy and chills, rhythm and blues. The track plays out as a story narrated by a soothing voice with contrastingly angry lyrics, making for a vibe that is both calming and uplifting. Each verse flows perfectly into the next, and the chorus is immediately catchy without being fussy and repetitive.

CRAVE is a pop-synth-experience that is typical of this dynamic group’s polished style, and the clarity and flawlessness with which they deliver it is a true representation of their progression in the Irish music scene.

Written by Aoife Chaney