mac miller


A little over a month ago saw the release of 'Swimming', which would become the last album ever released in the short lifetime of rapper, singer, and record producer Mac Miller. A ground-breaking album and arguably his best one yet, 'Swimming' reveals a vulnerability in Mac which he openly explores through painfully real lyrics and unveiled vocals. The themes we hear throughout are packed full of heartbreak, however the talented young rapper succeeds in delivering every song with a sense of zen that spellbinds his audience, and a cheeky boyish charm that wins our hearts entirely.

In this self-produced final record Mac showcases every angle of his musical talent, with his before-unheard vocals playing as big a part as the spoken prose that kicked off his career in early 2010. Wistful soul sounds echo throughout allowing for easy breathing while funky beats bounce in and out in an attempt to uplift, making the listening experience of 'Swimming' an emotional rollercoaster on which we become warped.

To those who have followed Mac Miller from day one, 'Swimming', although not without sadness, felt undoubtedly like the start of something really special in terms of Millers career. No different to his previous work, the album highlights the well-respected singers amiable dedication to always bettering himself and his music. Now, the album represents a different kind of special.

It represents the successful career of a well-deserving star. It represents the human behind the celebrity. It represents the songs we will always sing and the ones we'll never hear. It represents the legacy left behind by a life cut short, and most of all, it serves as a precious gift to us from an angel flying high.

"Take my time to finish, mind my business

A life ain't a life 'til you live it

I was digging me a hole big enough to bury my soul

Weight of the world, I gotta carry my own

My own, with these songs I can carry you home

I'm right here when you're scared and alone."


Written by Aoife Chaney