hip hop


This week's pick of the week is the love-child of Belgium based duo BLACKWAVE and soul sensation DAVE NGYAH.

ELUSIVE is a relatively unknown and therefore underrated track, and one that caught our attention by flawlessly blending each of our favourite musical genres. Smooth hip hop grooves remain prominent throughout, at times integrated with 90's RnB sounds and at others complemented by a live band of jazz musicians. Light-hearted rap keeps the verses playful, offering an unexpected but welcomed surprise when NGYAH swoops in with a sultry and soulful chorus.

"She took the funk out of my soul My rhythm is bluesin'

I see the moods, that you been swinging over me

Climbing mountains we can climb together

I shed by standing in your way

Or is it the money that I can't pay"

BLACKWAVE, made up of Producer Willem Ardui and rapper Jay Walker, showcase their talent and diversity further in their chilling music video to ELUSIVE. Aesthetically pleasing and inspired by nature, the video features floral wonderlands and sandy beaches occupied by ballet dancers and perfectly orchestrated musicians.

A superb cinematic spectacle to complement a superb track. Check it out here - it'll take the funk right outa your soul.

Written by Aoife Chaney