Mutant Vinyl Daffodils in Angell town

After his debut EP “Kick The Reel” last year, Mutant Vinyl has just released his debut album - “Daffodils In Angell Town” on Liverpool independent label, Klee Music. 

Inspired by a small plot of land in London’s Angell Town district, where flowers were only laid to commemorate the memory of a murdered citizen, this collection of songs highlights Edwin Pope’s ability to connect place, memory and music in a highly atmospheric and evocative manner.

This fusion of electro jazz, reggae & ambient trip hop reflects some of the collaborations undertaken by Edwin in the past, from the likes of Tricky, to the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

The album features guest spots from the likes of Keith Mullin (The Farm), the voice of Paige Leslie aka ‘Amorie’, & has been mixed by long-time collaborator, Multitracks' Daniel Ferguson.

Edwin will tour the album for the majority of 2019, taking in shows & festivals across Europe, including Minsk, Amsterdam, Dublin & Edinburgh with some high profile supports to be announced.

The album landed on 26th April via a limited 12” vinyl & download and hits streaming services this JULY.


ELLI INGRAM, from gigging in small-town colourful Brighton to rocking a crowd of over 10,000 at Glastonbury, Elli Ingram is making them tidal waves in the music industry, and her time is very much now.

Ingram approaches music with a fearless and fiery attitude, which bursts through in her recorded music and live performance. This week’s Pick of the Week is ‘Sweet and Sour’, a flavoursome tune by the fast emerging young musician AND set to support Tom Grennan in our very own The Academy, Dublin this Saturday, 27th October. 

Backed by uplifting beats and joyful melodies, ‘Sweet and Sour’ takes us on an explorative journey through a winding relationship – the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the Sweet and Sour. Elli provokes thought and reflection in her words in a unique way that remains fun and playful throughout and we find ourselves both uplifted by it’s endearing qualities and taken back by the raw honesty. In just one track, she manages to showcase many different angles of her insane talent. We witness an eclectic vocal range and a unique diversity in playing around with it, mixing alternate tones and tempos throughout. Elli delivers maturity and sophistication, while maintaining playful creativity in her craft. 

Owning a style which we describe as a modern blend of RnB, soul and jazz, Ingram creates a track that elevates the listener to a higher musical experience, stirring the kind of response every artist aims to achieve in their audience. We listen, we sing, we dance, and we feel.

Written by Aoife Chaney


This Monday, Oíche’s ‘pick of the week’ comes to you in the form of a bold and demanding ballad called ‘RIVER’ by British, Indie-pop and alternative rock songstress, Bishop Briggs.

‘River’ is that kind of song that gets easily stuck on the brain, not because it has a superficial melody or a campy hook, but because the sound smacks you right in the face. It starts off with a whipping percussion, transitioning into an explosive chorus and highlights Briggs's fierce and soulful-rocker vocals. Imagine a sound like Florence Welch, a vocal range like Adele and then for rawness, throw in a hint of Cat Turner. This track has been lingering all over our replay button and it looks like it is here to stay!