LP creates exemplary music that displays her diversity of talent and passion. Such is the case with the standout "House on Fire" track. Both eloquent and unrefined, sensual and dissonant, "House on Fire" is a whirlwind experience upon every listen. A Bossa Nova-influenced track with Spanish guitar, folky vocals, and a fiery intensity, "House on Fire" tells the relatable story of not knowing which side of a relationship you're coming home to - will it be a loving night or is it just a another house on fire?

This knockout star may not be new to the music scene but is set to become the biggest breakout of 2019. The blazing singer has already won the hearts of millions as guests from around the world shower her with handmade gifts, sometimes handing her their own children dressed in wigs to match LP's signature curly mop and hand-drawn ships across their chests to match her singular tattoo.