Born and raised in South London with an eclectic musical upbringing, Joy Crookes boasts a sophisticated voice with mature lyrics that will leave you questioning how on earth she is just 19 years old. With a level of sophistication that screams musical knowledge and experience, Joy is complemented nicely by a youthful attitude that brings to the party some welcomed fun and necessary girl power.

'Power', from her debut EP 'Influence' can be described only as a work of beautifully articulated and cleverly-current poetry. She invites us in with a sultry voice, intriguing us with her almost-ominious tone and captivating us further with mellow instrumentation and lyrics that are packed with wisdom and truth. This deliverance is typical of the singer's soulful style, and it's got us feeling all kinds of emotions.

Then there's feel-good track, 'Bad Feeling' (some clever contradiction) which reflects the young artists playful style, bursting with catchy lyrics and bopping beats that will leave you dancing and singing along.

Imagine Lana Del Rey's beautifully dark and powerful presence along with Eliza Doolittles sweet and upbeat groove. Combine the two and you can tap into an aspect of what this London beauty has got to offer. The diversity in tone, mood, and deliverance is evident from all angles of Crookes’ work, and her obsession with music shines through her striking talent. We believe this is the very diversity and passion that will carry the songstress moving up the modern music ladder.