Italian born Londoner, CHIARA OLDANO is a singer-songwriter with a USP for creating emotive indie ballads.

Breaking into the spotlight with the second release of her EP 'Fluorescently', Chiara boasts a captivating sound, partnered with powerful soul vocals and an outstanding eye for visuals as seen in the colourful artwork of all her releases.

Her latest single, NOTHING TO HIDE showcases the singer’s chilling voice that covers you in a blanket of chills and goosebumps, leaving you returning to hit that replay button.

Stay tuned to Chiara Oldano as she releases the remaining songs on her EP over the course of the coming months.


LP creates exemplary music that displays her diversity of talent and passion. Such is the case with the standout "House on Fire" track. Both eloquent and unrefined, sensual and dissonant, "House on Fire" is a whirlwind experience upon every listen. A Bossa Nova-influenced track with Spanish guitar, folky vocals, and a fiery intensity, "House on Fire" tells the relatable story of not knowing which side of a relationship you're coming home to - will it be a loving night or is it just a another house on fire?

This knockout star may not be new to the music scene but is set to become the biggest breakout of 2019. The blazing singer has already won the hearts of millions as guests from around the world shower her with handmade gifts, sometimes handing her their own children dressed in wigs to match LP's signature curly mop and hand-drawn ships across their chests to match her singular tattoo.


21 year-old artist, Jon Vinyl from Toronto, Ontario has keen sense of emotion, giving his listeners the ability to tap in to their nostalgic moments of teenage love, providing his personal soundtrack to those daydreams of passed relationships. Jon’s soulful records occupy a sound that has an air of sophistication and vulnerability. Production sounds of strummed guitar chords and waving synths fall into a soft spot between pop and soul, which lays the perfect framework for Jon’s open and honest accounts of his own run-ins with love. 

“Addicted,” has all the makings of a new age slow jam. This single takes listeners down the path of desire as I slip in and out of high-note melodies, pleading for the attractive lady to just stay the night. I feel like I've created a vibe reminiscent of mid-2000's R&B. Enjoy.


After capturing hearts last September with her hit ‘Soaked’, 19-year-old New Zealander, Bene returns to us in the form of ‘Evil Spider’, a brand new release which sees the singer embody herself as a spider trying to weave a web around somebody she’s into.

The track is just an inch of the signature sound Bene has crafted over the years, with playful bass lines, chilled soulful vocals and a bubbly guitar melody.

When asked about the song, Bene explained: ‘Evil Spider’, is about wanting someone that’s already taken. When writing the song, I didn’t wanna make the lyrics too obviously evil, so I thought I’d turn myself into the spider, making it a lil lighter and making the song revolve around me weaving webs to lure the person, catch ‘em like a spider then reel them in. I remember humming ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in the studio, which inspired the playful vibe of the song.”

Bene released ‘Evil Spider’ with the announcement of debut EP, which is set to be released on 28th June 2019.


Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in a small town in upstate New York, Hunjiya (hun-jee-yah) got her start in the arts by learning from her visual artist mother.

Hunjiya’s music combines memorable, yet confessional storytelling within the elements of indie-pop, r&b, and folk. Her sound is a blend of delicate vocals dipping in and out of soulful touches and a combination of electro beats and instrumentation. Add in a hooky chorus and you’ve got her latest single, ‘SAID’.

Hunjiya’s upcoming EP Look After August is on the horizon to drop later this year.


PREMIERE: Danny G & the Major 7ths - Believing feat. Grainne McCarthy

We're delighted to give you an exclusive first listen to 'Believing', the 2nd single off the forthcoming album 'The Lookout' by Danny G & the Major 7ths, featuring Grainne McCarthy.

Funky riffs, positive lyrics and a distorted flute solo! This song is about the renewed optimism that comes with entering a new relationship and an almost newfound spiritual belief in love, life and humanity. 'The Lookout' is a collection of songs featuring the cream of Irish soul musicians and several wonderful guest vocalists.

Danny G & the Major 7ths will launch their new single, ‘Believing’ at The Underground, Dublin on Friday, 17th May - with support from up and coming jazz/hip-hop quintet, Shy Mascot.

If you're a fan of this keep your eyes peeled for more off the album, ‘The Lookout’ set to be released over the coming year.


Produced and mixed by Ken McCabe, Wolfhound Sound
Recorded by Jack Groenland, Timpada Studio & Ken McCabe, Wolfhound Sound.
Vocals & Flute - Danny Groenland
Vocals - Grainne McCarthy
Keys - Johnny Taylor
Drums - Dennis Cassidy
Bass - Graham Heaney
Guitar - Paddy Groenland
Percussion - Paul Kenny

Hipdrop Records 2019



D.Mills aka Danny Mills is a Los Angeles-based Music Producer, artist, and session player. Mills is also the great great Grandson of the late great Bessie Smith. Mills started learning music at the age of 16. At that point he decided music was what he was going to be doing for the rest of his life. It was in high school where he met Dr. Gayle Serdan and learned how to play piano. As a kid he was introduced to all types of music from hip hop and r&b to jazz and rock. "I took piano class because I wanted to be a music producer. I knew that if I learned piano I could compose anything that popped in my head".

While learning to play the piano he was introduced to improvised music, mainly blues and jazz. "The fact that you could improvise and play what you felt in a song really intrigued me". After High School D.Mills learned first hand about playing live. Later on Mills taught himself how to play bass and guitar to add to his repertoire. Since learning he has played all over the world with major and indie artist. He has also had the opportunity to write and record songs with some of the best in the industry. Mills is always evolving his sound and direction. He looks forward to showing you with his new LP "The Recital".



Mutant Vinyl Daffodils in Angell town

After his debut EP “Kick The Reel” last year, Mutant Vinyl has just released his debut album - “Daffodils In Angell Town” on Liverpool independent label, Klee Music. 

Inspired by a small plot of land in London’s Angell Town district, where flowers were only laid to commemorate the memory of a murdered citizen, this collection of songs highlights Edwin Pope’s ability to connect place, memory and music in a highly atmospheric and evocative manner.

This fusion of electro jazz, reggae & ambient trip hop reflects some of the collaborations undertaken by Edwin in the past, from the likes of Tricky, to the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

The album features guest spots from the likes of Keith Mullin (The Farm), the voice of Paige Leslie aka ‘Amorie’, & has been mixed by long-time collaborator, Multitracks' Daniel Ferguson.

Edwin will tour the album for the majority of 2019, taking in shows & festivals across Europe, including Minsk, Amsterdam, Dublin & Edinburgh with some high profile supports to be announced.

The album landed on 26th April via a limited 12” vinyl & download and hits streaming services this JULY.